Ms. M's Webquest



This Webquest will have students explore the characteristics and dynamics of the Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses. Through their research, students will create their own mythological God or Goddess as well as a myth affiliated with their God. The Ancient Greeks explained the origin of the world through stories that we today call Myths. Not only did the Greeks create myths to explain how certain things came to be, like spiders (Arachne), as well as all the bad in the world (Pandora’s Box), but they also helped form the religion of the time and everyday lifestyle. The Greeks created a family of Gods who played major roles as each God or Goddess was responsible over a domain.


You will research Ancient Greek Gods and their characteristics and dynamics. You will then create your own Greek God with detailed information on his or her: creation, appearance,power, domain, symbol, relatives (if any), conflicts, etc). you will create your own Greek Myth, using characters of your own creation, the Greek Gods, and mythological elements and themes.


You will start by researching information on the topic through these links provided below. Do not limit yourself to just these links, although they will give you a solid foundation. First, research the Greek Gods and Goddesses. Once you have read about the Greek Gods, begin to research the myths that are connected with the major Gods and some of the better known Greek Myths. It is important that you give attention to the sources and websites you use to gain information on this topic. Through your research you should find that the information is the same between your sources. For example, you should find the same information on Zeus throughout any website you find. Create a page of notes for your research. Do this on a new tab using Google Docs. For each website you use to find information, provide a list of bullet points of the important facts and information you picked up from the site. Specifically state which website you found the given information from. While you are researching Greek Gods and Myths, pay attention to the characteristics and qualities of the Ancient Gods and what separates them from mortals. When you have collected enough information from your notes, you will begin to create your own God or Goddess. Your God or Goddess should have: - Aname - Adomain - God like qualities - Asymbol One you create your God or Goddess, you will create a short myth that focuses around them and shows that they are an Ancient Greek God. The myth can be how this particular God or Goddess came into being or something that this God or Goddess would be known for doing. Your Myth should include: - Main and supporting characters - Situation or problem - Moral or Lesson - Explain how something came about This written piece should be done on a separate Google Doc. It should be no less than two pages, double spaced.

Acceptable Use Policy

You should always use the most precaution when using the internet. It is a powerful source that can provide much positives. Safety is the highest concern and priority that we hold. It is for this reason that students must make sure that they are using trusted sites in order to avoid any harmful or dangerous material. If students misuse the internet to access any inappropriate or harmful material, they will be subjected to punishment seemed fit by the school. The key purpose of using the internet as a tool in the classroom is to learn and to expand our abilities. We are also using the internet to practice our researching skills as well as our citing skills! Students must be aware of plagiarism and the severity it brings and will bring in their educational careers. Students must always cite their work when referencing another’s work. Failure to do so will lead to a serious lowering of grade, depending on the severity of the issue. Always keep your personal information private. Do not share usernames or passwords with anyone. Log out of your devices once you are done using them. Be mindful of the fact that anything done or searched online while at school is public information and can and will be traced back to the individual student. Any online bullying or harassment between students or outside subjects will be addressed with severity and accordance. Reference​: “Legal and Ethical Issues,” Presentation by Dr. Janna Jackson Kellinger.


Excellent (5points)
Creating God/Goddess: God/Goddess has a name, domain, symbol, and power. Describes in detail how god looks and the personality of the God. Creating a Myth: Myth has a beginning a middle and an end. There is a situation, problem, resolution. God/Goddesses has a sensible role in myth. Sources Used: Student used three or more credible sources
Good (3 points)
Creating a God, Goddess, and Myth: Student has met most of the expectatiobs. Sources Used: Student used two sources
Not Yet (1 point)
Student met one or less of the expectations. Sources: Studet used one source or less.


The main hope in completing this webquest is to have gained an understanding on the role of Myths and the Gods in Ancient times. Mythology was a necessary component in shaping the modern world. This activity brought you to think about the purpose of Mythology and why the Ancient Greeks created and relied on these myths, as well as their aftermath and significance outside of Ancient Greece. Check out Neocities!